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Battle Of Skill

The First Luckless Trading Card Game


You are in control of the battle.

With access to all of your cards at once, you are in complete control of the outcome of your battles.

There is no shuffling, no drawing, no dice rolls, and no coin flips.

Use your strategy to outplay your opponent, then seal their fate by summoning your boss monster.

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If your soul is red, you favor fiery aggression above all. The more aggressive you are, the stronger you become.



If your soul is yellow, you wield natural strength. Your monsters are the strongest, and can reach huge sizes.


If your soul is blue, you enjoy icy precision. Your precise play is rewarded with most powerful spells.

Choose the Color of Your Soul

Depending on the color of your soul, you’ll have a different experience playing BOS. By selecting the color of your soul, you choose what color of cards you allow in your deck. How will you represent the color of your soul?

Game In Action

Create your deck by collecting cards, then find someone to battle!

By playing BOS, you engage in a completely unique battle every time.

One player will win, and using that knowledge, you can improve your deck, tactics, or strategy. With no luck in the way.

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