Starter Decks

Be sure to cut along the cutting lines on the document for the best result.

You can also print multiple copies of the starter deck to get a variety of cards to build your deck with. Enjoy!



Deck composition may change later as balance changes are tested.


  • The buff to Innovative Pyrotechnic is currently being tested.


  • Fleur de Force’s rework may change, but the core concept will remain the same.
  • The buffs to Bulk Up and Funnel Power are currently being tested.
  • Bulk Up’s artwork is currently in development.


  • The buff to Mass Resurrection is currently being tested.
  • Spell-Circle Incarnate’s artwork is currently in development.


Changelog 1/27/2023


Innovative Pyrotechnic’s ability no longer costs vim.
Flame Ent’s strength has been reduced from 3 to 2.
Flame Enchantress’s strength has been reduced from 3 to 2.
Endurance no longer works when attacking bosses.


Fleur de Force has been reworked, with a new summoning condition and ability.
Mystic Healer has been replaced with Blesser.
Moonlight Flower now gives 1 life during each ending phase, not just your own.
Funnel Power’s cost has been reduced from 7 to 6.
Bulk Up’s initial strength gain has been increased from 4 to 5.


Chronos’ summoning condition has been buffed, now requiring you to spend 40 vim in total on spells throughout the game.
Mass Resurrection’s cost has been reduced from 20 to 16.
Addition has been reworked, now no longer having a cost, but with a once per turn restriction and it makes you take damage at the end of your turns.

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Red Starter Deck
Red Starter Deck

Collaia is the core of your deck. Attack with it as many times as possible, and use it in combination with Flame Ent and Fight On when possible to get massive strength boosts.

Make sure to clear away your opponent’s summons before you play Pyro-Maniac, so you can attack your opponent with it to win the game!

Bolt, Sparks, and Endurance can be used to create new opportunities for Collaia to attack multiple times, so keep an eye out for a tactic involving these cards.

Lava Giant is one of your better defensive cards, but if it is left on the battlefield with low strength, it can’t do much. So if you go first, you may want to try unusual strategies.

Flame Enchantress works incredibly well with Sparks and Embers, use these in combination if you can!

Yellow Starter Deck
Yellow Starter Deck

Fleur de Force’s summoning condition requires each of your summons to have large strength. So, you can summon it easier by purposefully defeating your weak summons, or choosing to not summon at the beginning of your turn.

Cuscuta can be used in combination with Fleur de Force’s ability to gain massive strength later in the game, or with cards like Growth, Hedera, and Essence of Nature to get an earlier bonus.

Blesser can continuously bring back Bulk Up from your graveyard, so playing Bulk Up early can be a good idea.

Absorb, Moonlight Flower, and Angel of Light can be used to give yourself a “buffer” to prevent you from taking as much damage. Remember that your life can go above 30, so use these cards when you can.

Blue Starter Deck
Blue Starter Deck

Correct usage of Water Golem is critical to make this deck succeed. Playing them too early, or too late, can result in your defensive power being destroyed.

Try to keep your opponent’s summons alive, but weak, so if they do hit you directly, they won’t deal much damage. Doing this correctly sets up for Eon Slash, which lets you start a comeback.

Sometimes, it may be worth it to take a lot of damage from He Who Protects’ ability to keep an important summon alive.

This starter deck is all about precision, so you may find it difficult to win at first. Spending time researching against your most common matchups is recommended, so you can be ready at the drop of a hat.