Be sure to cut along the cutting lines on the document for the best result.

You can also print multiple copies of the starter deck to get a variety of cards to build your deck with. Enjoy!



Deck composition may change later as balance changes are tested.

Fiery Aggression – Red Starter Deck
Fiery Aggression – Red Starter Deck

Collaia is the core summon of your deck. Attack with it as many times as possible, and use it in combination with Flame Ent and Fight On when possible to get massive strength boosts.

Make sure to clear away your opponent’s summons before you play Pyro-Maniac, so you can attack your opponent with it to win the game!

Bolt, Sparks, and Endurance can be used to create new opportunities for Collaia to attack multiple times, so keep an eye out for a tactic involving these cards.

Lava Giant is one of your better defensive cards, but if it is left on the battlefield with low strength, it can’t do much. So if you go first, you may want to try unusual strategies.

Flame Enchantress gives you an alternate win condition: Burn your opponent with Embers and boost Flame Enchantress to massive strength!

Natural Strength – Yellow Starter Deck
Natural Strength – Yellow Starter Deck

Fleur de Force’s summoning condition requires your summons to have large strength. Try to find combos with your spells to bring your summons to a total of 40 strength in a single turn!

Cuscuta can be used in combination with Fleur de Force’s ability to gain massive strength later in the game, or with cards like Growth, Hedera, and Essence of Nature to get an earlier bonus. Choosing when to summon Cuscuta is crucial to mastering this deck.

Blesser can continuously bring back Bulk Up from your graveyard, so playing Bulk Up early can be a good idea.

You can win with this deck in multiple ways. You can summon Fleur de Force and get massive strength on all of your summons, or you can try to outlast your opponent’s resources. Be sure to adapt to your matchup to decide which strategy to use!

Icy Precision – Blue Starter Deck
Icy Precision – Blue Starter Deck

Correct usage of your defensive cards, like Water Golem, Ward Warden, and Icy Gift, is critical to make this deck succeed. Playing them right when they need to be used will make your defence seem impossible to overcome.

Try to keep your opponent’s summons alive, but weak. That way, if they do hit you with a player attack, they won’t deal much damage. Doing this correctly sets up for Eon Slash, which brings you closer to summoning Chronos, heals your life, and buffs your summons all in one swing!

Chronos’ summoning condition must be met by casting spells, which means you will need a lot of vim. The more vim you have early in the game, the faster it will double. While being able to gain vim quickly is important, be sure you don’t leave yourself open for a lot of damage.

Pestering Scarab allows you to replace any summon on your battlefield with it from your graveyard. This opens up a lot of possibilities, even aggressive ones since Pestering Scarab can attack! One tactic is to replace Clockwork Timebomb from your graveyard, giving you the vim from Clockwork Timebomb’s ability while “increasing its strength” to 4. (Since Clockwork Timebomb only has 1 strength, and Pestering Scarab has 4)

This starter deck is all about precision, so you may find it difficult to win at first. Spend time figuring out which cards you should and shouldn’t use at certain moments in certain matchups.