Color of Your Soul

Depending on the color of your soul, you’ll have a different experience playing BOS. By selecting the color of your soul, you choose what color of cards you allow in your deck. How will you represent the color of your soul?


If your soul is red, you favor fiery aggression above all. The more aggressive you are, the stronger you become.


If your soul is yellow, you wield natural strength. Your summons are the strongest, meaning you can play offensively or defensively.


If your soul is blue, you enjoy icy precision. You thrive in the thrill of a comeback and the use of the most powerful spells.

The Story

You are a powerful sorcerer, going to battle against another sorcerer. To help you in the battle, you’ve recruited three Wizards. These Wizards have small magic abilities and the power to call upon powerful monsters from the afterlife. These monsters, called Summons, once existed in our world. They have copies of themselves conjured from the grave to be placed under your command, and are used to go to battle against other Summons and gain an advantage over your opponent.

But you are far stronger at magic than a mere Wizard. You can use magic abilities called Spells, which you cast at the cost of Vim, the mana source of the world. But your greatest strength comes in the form of a world-ending force: A Boss. In order to call upon it, you will need to complete a ritual to them, which is done by playing cards. Bosses, like Summons, are creatures that once existed, but have previously died. However, these monsters contain the power to destroy the world and everyone on it in an instant. You are powerful enough to call upon them.

The first pyromancer of his village, and the last one standing after they killed his wife.

When nature experienced a threat that could wipe it out entirely, this was its response.

One of three: The progenitor of time. This dragon is said to be the origin of the blue stone.