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Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking the thrill of competition or a curious newcomer eager to dive into the action, BOS has the path forward for you. Embrace the challenge, embrace the triumph – your journey begins here. Click below to register for upcoming events or download your starter deck. The battleground beckons, and the glory of victory awaits. Join us in shaping the future of strategy and competition!

Local Events

Connect with fellow enthusiasts, hone your strategies, and prove your prowess in intense face-offs that’ll leave you craving more. Ready to experience the rush? Don’t miss out – register now for an event near you!

BOS @ Johnny B’s

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City: Lakeland, Florida
Date: Weekly, every Thursday @ 6:30PM
Address: 5173 US Highway 98 North Lakeland, FL 33809

Print and Play Starter Decks

Download a BOS starter deck now and forge your path to victory! Be sure to read the Starter Guide before playing for the first time.

Fiery Aggression

Pure onslaught. Reach 12 attacks as quickly as possible and instantly defeat your opponent in one strike!

Download red starter deck

Natural Strength

Titanic and unstoppable creatures. Create a huge battlefield, then double the power of your monsters!

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Icy Precision

Calm, collected, and perfect. Cast powerful spells to earn your boss and gain an infinite amount of vim!

Download blue starter deck